Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why Won't they Sleep?

My babysitting boys were here about five thirty this morning. They didn't go back to sleep like normal. I had to get on them to keep from waking up the girls. Well, Bugs we think is starting to sleep walk. She got up at eleven thirty last night. Then, crawled into bed with us at twelve thirty, and then tried it again at three. Then, had to get up to get my boys, who didn't let me return to slumber, and then Bugs woke up at six, and I let her get in our bed (should have called her octopus. Sharing a bed with her is like trying to sleep in a tank of 30).

The youngest of the boys got sick, so he ended up sleeping all day. The eldest was quieter than normal, stems from not going back to sleep. And the girls didn't get a nap/rest time for a second day in a row, so they were tired, and very cranky come around supper time, so they ate, got a bath, got to watch one movie and got tucked into bed by seven. Didn't take long for them to go to dreamland though.

I got NOTHING done again today. Starting to feel bad about it. Like, I get the living room and kitchen and bathroom looking great, it lasts for a few days, then things get off kilter with Hubbs' work schedule, things going on and such and it is trashed in the blink of an eye. Well, my bathroom still looks pretty good. The kitchen and living room, not so much. I want to cry over it. However, that won't solve anything. Tomorrow, after church and Hubbs leaves for work (hate retail in the holiday season, his schedule is so messed up) I intend to fix the living room and kitchen. Not necessarily in that order. They aren't as bad as they have been in the past, believe me, but after all our work into it, I feel horrible they got as far as they have. Then, Hubbs is off on Monday so hopefully we can tackle our bedroom in a joint effort. Then, he'll have judo that night.

Well, the washer is done, so I need to transfer some clothes to the dryer. And the hot water tank has finished heating, so I can go and take a much needed shower. Then maybe doze off. Though, I'm scared that if I go to sleep before Hubbs gets home, I won't know it if he comes in. I need snuggles. And supper with him. I snacked while the girls ate. I like eating dinner with my husband after he gets off late. It is nice us time. Though, he may be propping me up for it.

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