Friday, December 4, 2009


Well, today has been a fairly profitable day.

The morning started well with a brunch of biscuits and gravy and fresh fruit salad. It was a joint effort of my Hubby, eldest and myself. And we discovered that we prefer bosc pears to bartlett (our local grocery store had bosc, bartlett and red pears on sale for 99 cents a pound. I decided to try the red and the bosc. Much better than our standard bartlett. Too bad they aren't typically the same price).

Then, I spent part of the morning entering a few contests while my husband got ready for work. Hopefully I win something! I'll let you know if I do.

Small group is to be at our house this Sunday, so I started to clean up the living room. After a rousing game of Chutes and Ladders with the eldest. However, we both got frustrated with the game as we both kept getting to slide down, repeatedly. I now remember why I hated that game as a child. I never won. That or Candy Land (still can't win that one). Then, my order from arrived. We decided to try out the service online. So far, it was my first order,and I am very impressed. My husband needed some shaving gel, and he forgot it at the store the other day, so we went ahead and placed the order. It arrived within 4 days, and was less than what I would have paid at the store. All orders ship free, and after your first order you do have to buy at least six items, but they do the work of finding coupons for you. Well worth it, in my opinion. They will even keep track as to how long items typically run out for you (you supply the info) and they'll even remind you when you need to reorder. I will definitely be ordering from Alice again. My only compliant was that my one can of shaving gel arrived in too large of a box. From an environmental stand point, I cringe as that isn't good stewardship, however, with their minimum order of 6 items, I doubt they need small boxes very often.

Tomorrow my husband actually is off work. So it is a massive cleaning frenzy day. It will help to have someone run interference with the kids. Then, Sunday is touch up cleaning after church finishing off the ham and beans for that night. On Monday (yes, my husband was able to snag a three day weekend during the holiday season) we are going to decorate the house for Christmas. Glad Hubby will be home as the boxes are a bit out of my reach.

So, there is a quick update on some of the goings on around here. I'll let you know how the decorating goes sometime next week. And who knows, maybe I'll have pictures or something.

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