Sunday, December 13, 2009

Loving this moment...: Advent Conspiracy

I hadn't seen this before. A friend of mine posted on the Advent Conspiracy and I looked at it. Thought I'd give a link to her blog. Just the video is thought provoking. We don't have a lot of money and the past couple of years, I have felt horrible at not really even being able to afford to buy our daughter's presents, let alone the rest of the family. However, I keep forgetting that giving gifts isn't want matters. The girls don't play with the toys they got last year, nor do the clothes they received still fit (except as a hand-me-down for the youngest). However, the time spent together as a family, doing things to create memories is what is truly remembered and treasured. Last year we drove to the local Monastery to see their light display. We intend to do that again this week sometime. The girls loved the lights. They love to spend time in the kitchen with me. Bugs asked me a few weeks ago about making turtle cupcakes to share again. We did that for her second birthday. She is three now. I am a fairly crafty individual, so I can make a lot of gifts. I had already planned on doing that for most of the family this year. In case they are reading it, I can't say what. But my sister-in-law's will be awesome if it turns out. My husband's will be incredible too. I really can't tell you what it is as he does read my blog on occasion... So, as this hectic time of year keeps getting more and more crazy, please, remember the reason we celebrate. Remember that Christ is the greatest gift of all time. We can't compete. Don't try. Make memories with your family. Give love and the gift of hope to someone who needs it.

Loving this moment...: Advent Conspiracy

Have a blessed day.


  1. A friend of mine wasn't able to give her children any gifts this year (not even clothing). She said they spent the day playing in the snow, making cookies, caroling, and enjoying one another's company. She said this year it was a neccessity, but next year it will be a choice.

    I've made our children's gifts the last three years. My children received dress-up crowns made from scraps, handkerchiefs, a slip (for one 3yo daughter), printed paper dolls (which my 8yo daughter loved), a warm hat (for my 3yo), and a few other things.

    Here are some ideas for frugal gifts (mostly using what you have on hand):

    Here are some free patterns and tutorials for sewing gifts (you can use these for upcoming birthdays, etc.):

    I hope those can help you in the future!

  2. Thank you so much!!!!

    My great-aunt was a huge blessing again this year and sent us out money to "help." We didn't get the kids much, mainly stuff like bubble bath, a great deal on some wooden blocks and a doll from the dollar bin at the store, but they loved it. Still have to get my MIL's done. And we are leaving tomorrow night for the annual Christmas shin-dig at her house on New Year's (with my husband's work schedule [currently in retail] we can't make it out the week of Christmas.

    Sorry I didn't get this posted until today. Haven't been on much this week. Hopefully in the future I will be better at this whole blogging thing!


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