Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sleepy Day, Not Too Productive Unfortunately

So, we got most of the decorating done yesterday. Haven't gotten the nativity set up yet (I'm short, it is high up on a shelf in the garage and Hubbs hasn't had time to get it yet). Beginning to wonder if my kids have turned into raccoons. They keep pilfering the bright shiny things they can reach. I have lost track how many times I have had to put the caps back into ornaments today. But they stopped after the umpteenth time of getting into trouble after lunch.

This afternoon while the Bean was taking her nap, the Bug and I played a rousing game of Chutes and Ladders. I lost. By like 60 squares. I could never win that game as a child. Bugs didn't understand the concept of winning and the game is then over. She was sad when she realized it was. I had to try hard to not laugh. She was so devastated even though I explained that she had won and Mommy had lost. I am so grateful that I get to be the one to be with them all day and explain these things to them. I can't imagine it any other way.

Today I made a stew of sorts out of left over pork roast I had in the freezer. It needed something, but I'm not sure what. I have this nasty habit of forgetting to mark on my freezer bags what is inside. So I had no clue how I seasoned the roast when I had made it last month. Oh well. I can add stuff to the left overs. Trust me, the crock pot was full. I then did up some biscuits to go with it. A decent dinner. Not my best, but by far not the worst.

The weather is howling in at the moment. I wouldn't be surprised if it iced tonight. For as much fun as snow is with the girls (Bugs loves playing in it, she's been begging for snow since July) I can't wait for spring to come. I hate bundling up to just walk to the mail box.

Beans had a hard night last night and I ended up holding her in the recliner most of it. So, I'm tired. Then Bugs woke up at six. They are due to be getting down shortly. I got the laundry done, and an easy supper today and that was it. I hope to sleep tonight so I can reorganize our bedroom. It is needing done. Badly. Then, it is the girls room and the front guest bedroom/office. All while potty training Beans. Which, today was the first hard core day of it, and she did great! I can't wait to say farewell to diapers. At least for a time. We had one miss after her nap (I wasn't quick enough, but I put her in a diaper because if she goes while sleeping she wakes up mad, learned that one the hard way) and she even went poo in the potty. Well, she made it over there, got the training pants down (cloth) and got half of it in. She then came over to me, pointed to it and kept saying "poop, poop, POOP!" The little potty chair is currently in the living room, and thankfully had a changing pad under it. She knew what she did. Granted, she was wearing her new snow boots, so I had to clean them again, but that's ok. At least she has gotten the concept down. And she would just go sit over on it and go without me telling her to go on it. Hopefully by her birthday.

Well, Hubbs is home, and he said he's putting the kids to bed tonight so I can take a nice long shower. He's the greatest.

Here's to the winter reorganization of the house. May I be able to start tomorrow.

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