Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tuesday Tip

Ok, so Tuesdays can be a day for tips. Any kind, but they must be uplifting and useful. Tips on how to better display love to our husbands, raising kids, how to run the home more smoothly. And please feel free to share your own. The more tips the better!

Today's tip is for how to better love our husbands. Randomly bake him cookies. I made up a batch of chocolate chip cookies last night for basically no reason, and Hubbs was like, are you trying to spoil me? I told him nope, I just loved him. Unfortunately, I didn't wait until the oven had totally preheated and at first they were horribly under cooked. After I tried fixing that, most of them charred on the bottom. Even my cookie loving girls wouldn't eat them. Bugs said it was too crispy. So, toss in a second tip, totally preheat the oven, and don't over bake.

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