Thursday, December 10, 2009

Getting Closer!

Got about a fourth of the stuff done I need to in the bedroom! Thought I'd take a break. I'm stirring up too much dust and I couldn't stop sneezing.

After I get the clothes picked up (yes, bad of me to not fold and put away right after they get washed. I hate folding clothes), I'm going to have to have my husband help me get stuff on the top shelf of the closet (I can't reach. And I don't want to get out the step stool with the kids running around), and then, since Hubby has longer arms than I do, he'll get to sweep out from under the bed, we'll do a bit of rearranging. My dresser is going to go on a different wall (blocking the bi-fold door into the kids' room) and I'm hauling in my favorite night stand that got relegated into the garage when we moved into our house (didn't have room for it at first the way the room was laid out, and then it got buried)

I will also have to take a break in an hour to start supper. I got long cooking rice as it was cheaper, and tonight's dinner is Spanish rice. I hope it turns out.

Don't know if I'm going to make it out for my alone time tonight or not. I desperately want to go to the library, but I also need to get as much done in our room as I can so it can get done. We'll see. Though, I could get some organizing books for helping out while I'm there, so it wouldn't all be pleasure...

Time for my tea, then transfer some laundry around and back at it. I hate cleaning. However, if I don't keep the house up, I'm not being a good steward of the resources we've been given. Our belongings come from God, and if we can't take care of the small stuff, why would He give us the big stuff? You need to be trustworthy in the small things to go on to the larger things. Goes back in a way to the parable of the talents. Those who could be trusted with little, could be trusted with much. It is a whole way of life, not just in regards to money. I want to be trustworthy for more. And in order to prove I am, I have to be trustworthy in little.

So, how are you doing being trustworthy? Keeping your home neat and organized? Not blindly spending money? Raising your children for God? Just something to think about. I'm thinking in the start of next year to do a series on home keeping. Going through some things I've been learning recently and maybe posting some of my favorite books on the subject. A lot have been written, some ok, some good, and some terrific. I need to go over my favorites again. It is always good to remind myself of these things.

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