Thursday, December 10, 2009


Going to get to our bedroom. Hopefully it doesn't take as long as I fear it will. Bugs has already told me she wants to help. This could take three times as long.

Beans has taken herself to the potty twice already today. After refusing to most of yesterday. Potty training is such an adventure.

And tonight, my wonderful Hubby is letting me have alone time. Something I don't get enough of it seems. I thrive on having solitary moments (and I don't mean the kids are in bed and he's at work until late alone time. I mean, absolutely solo). I am going to the library alone while he stays home with the girls. And I may make a trip to the craft store. I found a cute craft on covering clip boards which will make a great Christmas gift for a few people. Need to price the supplies.

Have a good day! I need a snack before I get started on the monstrosity that is mine and Hubby's room. Let's just say I have an aversion to folding laundry and the recliner in there is totally missing under it. So is a good portion of the floor surrounding the recliner. And there are way too many things that belong to the munchkins who reside in this house in there. My room is not a toy storage unit.

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