Thursday, December 17, 2009

A GREAT blog giveaway

I found a nice giveaway at Fashionable Modest Patterns today! She is giving away any (yes, any, your choice) one of her patterns in her store. I've seen these, and the skirts are adorable. And she has the cutest swimsuits for girls. If I had a sewing machine, time and some extra money right now, I would have gotten the swim suit pattern for next summer already.

Thought that you all might like a chance to win a FREE pattern of your choice. Simply go to:

Due to the fact that I am not the most technologically inclined person in the world, you will have to cut and paste that into your browser....I'm sorry. I can't for the life of me right now figure out how to get that to be able to just click on the link. Last time I put a link in a post, my wonderful, technically advanced husband did it for me.

Anyway, had a busy day. Hubbs was off work today so we ran some errands. Bugs has come down with a slight head cold and Beans is getting most definitely close to being a two-year-old.

I might be getting a new phone. Mine is due for an upgrade, and God has provided the money so I can get a pretty good upgrade. Just having to decide what to get exactly. I hate these kinds of choices. I always second guess myself.

Well, I must be getting to bed. Morning comes early. Especially with kids. Have a blessed day.

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