Friday, December 11, 2009


Well, for today, nothing got accomplished. Had a few potty training mishaps that resulted in an extra load of laundry that had to get done. And then I nearly stepped on a dead mouse that was lying on a pair of MY jeans at the foot of our bed. I managed to not scream (thankfully as the girls were following me at the time) and I managed to keep the kids from seeing it. I got the jeans out back on the patio and came into the house and shook for some reason. That kind of wigged me out. So, I was extremely leery of going back into our room to continue the reorganization I started yesterday.

Last night, on Mom's night out, I somehow got conned into letting the whole family come along. My fault really as my last like 3 chances to go out alone at night, I ended up inviting everyone with me. We did go to the library. I got a stack of books. Today, since it was such a waste anyway, I'm reading a fluff book. I did get a lot of good ones on homekeeping, organizing and home crafts so I'll be reading them and sharing about them in the near future. I'm glad our library has a three week check out period. I got way too many. But I can't just say no to a book. If I see a good one, it just jumps into my arms and says, "You must take me home and read me." Between what I chose for the girls and my stack (and poor Hubby's 3 small books), there wasn't room in the bag for them all. Good thing most of what I like from the library isn't in too high of a demand and renewals are easy. We then went to Wal-Mart. Used the 2.00 coupon for fabric softener from last Sunday's paper. Got a box of sheets for 1.87. Wal-Mart kept my 13 cents in overage. I decided to try the system. Next time, (and for your information), get something else to make the total just above what the coupon amount is for. No one gives you cash back if your coupon is over anymore. Sad. I gave them 13 cents. And the manufacturer gives them like an 8 cent handling fee on top of the value of the coupon anyway. Oh well, I have learned from my mistake. We then drove around and looked at the Christmas lights. Bugs loved it. She kept pointing out the window saying she loved all the sparkleys. In the next week, we hope to run over to the monastery about a half hour from here and see their huge light display. They do it as a thank you to the community for letting them be there. We went last year, and it was great. I think at last count it was well over 20,000 lights. It is lovely, and now that the eldest is more verbal (well, she's always been well above her age's average) and very observant, she will just love it. She liked it last year, but I think this year the wonder of the season is hitting her. I can't wait.

I'm babysitting tomorrow. The girls love it when the boys come over to play. I do too. It keeps them occupied and not hanging on me the whole day. (don't get me wrong, I do love my kids dearly, but it is nice when they are occupied a bit longer than normal and don't think they need me for something every ten minutes). That, and I'm saving all my "extra" money to replace my phone. It is two years old and you can tell the kids have gotten a hold of it. The track ball sticks whenever you try to scroll to the right with it. Sometimes it goes, other times it won't. I'm due for an upgrade, however, all the good phones cost money. And I want an android phone so bad. I'm still debating as I will have to add a data plan with it (Hubbs has one already,a data plan, not an android. Though he wants one too and isn't due for an upgrade yet himself) and in order to do that, I'll have to give up my newspaper subscription. I love my newspaper. Granted, there are a lot of editorial mistakes in it, and I have read better (read a lot worse too), there isn't anything like having a cup of coffee and a newspaper to help start your day. I don't know if I can be dependent on the internet for ALL of my news, local, national and world. And the comics don't seem to be as funny online as they do in print. I'm still weighing my options. I have already told Hubbs though that there is no way I will go without the Sunday paper. I need my coupons. He understood. I think.

Well, time to just be quiet for a while. And probably read a bit more. I should do something to redeem this day, however, I'm not feeling too bad. Except for maybe not getting the dishes done like I should.

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