Monday, February 1, 2010


Day umpteen of overcloudy conditions. And of course, the street isn't plowed from last week. Like I truly expected the city to do such a logical thing. In all the years we've lived here, they have yet to plow residential sections of town. I miss living farther up north in some regards. There, they plow. They also know how to plow properly, and apply salt and sand in the prevention of ice... Yet, I don't know if I can cope during the winter with that much snow and clouds. This winter has been a tough one as it is...

Hubbs has a day off today, day two of his weekend. Tonight he tests for his yellow belt in judo. He is excited. The girls are happy to have him home. They love spending time with their daddy.

I got another book on the way from Book Sneeze. I can't wait. It is something to look forward to getting in the mail. Better than yet another bill.

Hubbs took the eldest to Walmart to get a pizza for lunch today. The youngest sat in my lap and whimpered the whole time they were gone. First time she has ever wanted to go with and expressed a desire to. She's getting so big and learning to express herself. It makes me glad. Now, to not have her decide to not ask for stuff because she doesn't think she deserves it when she doesn't get to go too. She is too much like her mother with her personality. I see so much of myself in her, stuff I struggle with that I have no idea how to guard against her turning into me. Guess this will be quite a learning process for the both of us. And she isn't two yet! Not for another 16 days anyway.

Bean's birthday. A mere 16 days away. I'm thinking of making her favorite lunch (hot dogs) and macaroni and cheese and then making a Bob cake. She loves Veggie Tales. And I have a Red Velvet cake mix. I had thought of a carrot cake, but that just seems wrong on too many levels.

Got to go scan the purchases. I was accepted into the Nielson Homescan panel. Kind of an inconvenience, but I think it will be worth it. They have some wonderful prizes.


  1. A Bob cake would be super easy! You can use peanut m&m's for the pupils on his eyes. Or just buy some giant non-edible googly eyes and pull them off before you eat. Word of warning though, when you get the tint for the red icing, make sure you buy the Wilton kind that says "no taste". It's not as bright, but the traditional red has an awful chemical aftertaste. What is the Nielson Homescan?

  2. Already figured out how I'm doing the cake. Going to use canned frosting, I have the dye, and to make black for stuff, start with chocolate as it is already dark.

    Nielson Homescan is through the Nielson tracking people, and you have to scan the bar codes of everything you buy and then send them the data once a week. Kind of a pain in the rear to get it all scanned (and most of the time, I have to manually enter the prices). They track trends in spending habits, product consumption and such for corporations. How they figure out that Billions was spent on toilet paper and such. I'll email you the link if you want to apply. Let me know on FB, or email me.


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