Saturday, February 6, 2010

Goodbye Old Car

Well, we finally sold the white car this morning. This was so providential. This money is making the mortgage payment this month. Due to a very high gas bill this last month, I was starting to get a tad bit worried about this month. Yet, I kept feeling God tell me that it is ok, He's got it covered. This morning, there was a knock on the door and a guy there asking if we wanted to sell it (less than we originally were wanting, but still nothing to sneeze at) because he needed the engine out of it. So, he is bringing us the money tomorrow and taking the car. I cleaned it out this morning after that. We had some stuff left in it from when we used to drive it. It is kind of sad, getting rid of it. That is the car that we brought the eldest home from the hospital in. It is the car in which my husband proposed to me. Yes, he proposed to me in the car. I had come to visit him while he was at school one weekend, and we had then gone to church that Sunday. There I had seen so many friends of mine that kept asking if Hubbs had finally (we had only been courting two years at that point) asked me to marry him. I kept telling them not yet. So, after church was over, we were in the car in the parking lot about to get ready to go to a friend's mom's house for lunch. Hubbs starts searching through the compartments of the car saying he thought it was right there...I'm thinking, great, he lost the keys. We were talking and I was saying that we needed to stop at a gas station to get a fake ring out of the vending machine so I could show my friend that he had finally given me a ring. I did find one of the light up rings in the car from one day when we were just playing around and being funny. He then pulls a box out of his pocket and says, why don't you show her this instead? I open the box and inside was the most gorgeous ring I could have ever imagined. I stop breathing for a few long seconds, and then I ask if it was what I thought it was. Hubbs said, "yep, what's your answer?" I said yes. Seven months and one day later we were married. We drove that car on our honeymoon too. Granted, it was a road trip back from where we got married in IL to our apartment in Missouri, but still. That car is a great part of our history together. In fact, when he was on his internship in Northern IL, and I lived in central, I had to get the transmission rebuilt on the jeep I had, so he let me borrow his car for the week my jeep was in the shop. That was while we were dating. And my favorite Valentine's Day ever was when the breaks went out on that car....I think I may have to go out and get a few pictures of the old girl.

Hubbs called in sick today. I think he has a sinus infection. He should be better tomorrow. I hope so. We had plans for the Super Bowl. We were going to go to the party our small group is holding. Supposed to be a ton of fun. That reminds me, I need to go and find my tiny crock pot so I can make my rotel and velveeta dip. Ok, so it isn't my recipe, but I'm the one bringing it.

It is still dark and dreary and it isn't supposed to get sunny again until the end of the week, at the earliest. Oh well. That is what lights are for. I'm shudder thinking of the next electric bill.

Need to go out and get the mail. Looks like a lot from watching the mail lady put it in the box.

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