Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday Tips

Well, I realized today that it is Tuesday. I had wanted to do a Tuesday Tips thing when I started this blog, and have only done it like once or twice.

For today's tip, if you have young children (toddlers and preschoolers), insist on having a nap/quiet time each day. They can nap, or if they won't/don't nap, they can be quiet on their beds, a couch or wherever else you designate, for a designated period of time (you know your kids, you are the best judge of how long they can handle). Then, do something for yourself during the down time. Read a chapter in a book, take a shower, surf around on the internet. Even if it is just for twenty minutes, it is quite a boost to your self-confidence and sanity. Especially if you are snowed in for days on end or only have one car that your husband takes to work every day. This make take a week or two to train into your children, but trust me, the benefits are well worth it. I love quiet time. Beans still sleeps, and Bugs normally will lie on mine and Hubb's bed and "read" books. Today, she is having some seperation issues, so she is playing on the couch while I sit in the recliner with my legs up.

A freebie tip for you, if you know where the drain spout off your house is, and it has been raining and the temperature drops, don't walk onto where the puddle has turned into a sheet of ice. You'll fall down and hurt yourself. Thankfully I'm just a bit bruised, and I bruised the end of my bone that connects to the bottom of my knee so walking isn't too pleasant (thankfully fairly bearable with an elastic bandage on it) so I figure compression and rest today. Well, between loads of laundry, supervising the kids, making supper. You know, the life of a mom. At least typing is easy to do :-)

If you have a tip you would like to share, feel free to comment on the post! I do moderate just to ward off spam and unkind comments to others so if I don't get it up right away, I do apologize.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I always try to get Munchkin down for a quiet hour. It has to be an hour. If she doesn't fall asleep in ten minutes, I'll bring her a book or some crayons. Not only does it give me a break, but I figure when she gets older, it'll make it easier to transition that quiet hour into time for Bible study and prayer.


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