Friday, February 12, 2010

Company Coffee 2.12

Thankfully we don't have any snow here in SW. Missouri. We've had our fill, thank you very much. If I see any more this winter, I may just totally loose it. Though, Bugs keeps asking to go out and build another snowman. We told her it had to snow again and stick (totally bare yard finally), and she is praying for God to send us some more.

Bean's birthday is next Wednesday. She is going to have a Bob the Tomato cake. She loves Veggie Tales, and she is totally going to love it.

Monday was do our taxes day. After this year's return, all that will be left of our debt is my student loans and the house!!!!! You have no idea how excited this makes us. We will have the credit cards paid off (mainly all medical from having the Beans two years ago and an emergency car repair and subsequent car rental that the warranty didn't want to cover when it was supposed to. So those along with fixing the few things that need fixed on the car, paying off the car and the hospital bill from when Bugs was born will be done in the next week or two. It is such a relief to have this taken care of.

Hubbs is closing at work, like nearly every Friday night. I can't wait for him to get a job where he isn't gone at least two nights of the week, leaving me to tuck the kids into bed by myself. They behave worse when they know their daddy isn't home. They miss him. Can't say as I blame them, I miss having him home too.

We did get our dead car sold this week too. Was supposed to have been Sunday afternoon, but they guy didn't get back over here with the money for it until Monday night. Oh well. It is no longer in our driveway, which is fine by me, but in a way, it is still kind of sad. I wrote about it a while back. Blog titled Goodbye Old Car. Also wrote one about how providential selling it was. If you are interested in reading them, just go to my blog archives and click (right side of page, scroll down, I have it on the bottom for some reason... I don't have time to go link. I've got the Beans crawling around in my lap trying to help me type. It is nearing supper time and both the girls get very cranky if they are hungry. And I mean very cranky.

Got to go for now. Have a blessed coming week! And remember, do something wonderful for your husband on Sunday that he isn't expecting. Even something as simple as a cup of his favorite coffee in bed in the morning.


  1. I am so excited about you guys getting out of debt that is awesome!

    I am so ready to be done with the snow too!

  2. You have no idea how excited we are about this. I know we aren't in as far as some people, but it was still quite a hindrance. The relief is amazing and is, weird to say it, tangible in the house.

    Thanks for commenting, have a blessed week.

  3. No snow over here in the San Francisco Bay Area either. I'm okay with that. We had a lot of rain the past weeks, and it was pretty dry this week with some I just sound like a weather report. =p Yes, I totally know what you mean about the husband being away. My husband has worship practice once a week and my older one wants to wait up for him before drifting off to sleep. And yes, bittersweet when you have to get rid of a car...the memories, both good and bad. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. How awesome to be getting so close to being debt-free. I'm sure you must be thrilled. I love the idea of the Bob the Tomato cake. We love VeggieTales too! Have a great weekend.


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