Saturday, February 27, 2010


So, if you happen to read this blog, I'm sure you noticed I've not posted in a rather long time. There is an explanation to this. It is called the plague.

Wait, you think, the plague doesn't exist anymore. That bubonic stuff, right? Well, it wasn't bubonic. I thought it was cholera. We all ended up with a horrid stomach virus this week. Started with Bugs on Sunday night. I was up doing laundry until three Monday morning. Let me tell you, my washer was not happy being awoken from slumber at one that morning. I end up sleeping with her in our bed and Hubbs slept on the couch. I had to strip our bed twice before the sun came up. She felt better at noon on Monday and I thought, good. And I prayed Beans wouldn't come down with it. Well, God answered that prayer not in the way I wanted. Beans woke up at two Tuesday morning crying in her bed. She had gotten sick ALL OVER her bed. I get her out, strip her out of of her jams and get her in the tub to get her cleaned up. And proceeded to throw out my back in the process. I bring her into bed with us (no way I was turning on lights to strip her sheets and risk waking up the eldest at that time of the night) where I finally had gotten smart and lined the bed under her with a fleece blanket and towels. Had to wash those within ten minutes of laying back down. So, for the second night in a row, my poor washing machine was aroused at a horrible hour to be run (I'm surprised it didn't revolt and decide to break after all that. Did the math, nearly twelve extra loads this week...). Beans was through being sick by eight in the morning. I on the other hand, was exhausted.

Hubbs went to Judo on Monday night and a guy fell on his leg and needless to say, Hubbs ended up hurt. We all get to go to the chiropractor Tuesday night after Hubbs was off work. Kids to keep them from getting sicker (worked like a charm, after we left, they were both back to 100% again instead of being so draggy). I got what I threw out giving Beans her bath that morning fixed and Hubbs got his knee fixed. Our friendly neighborhood chiropractor (and friend and judo instructor) gave us parents a preventative adjustment for the flu. I wish it would have worked...

On Wednesday, Hubbs goes to work, the girls and I take him. We meet him for lunch for something fun to do and run some errands. After we pick him up from work, we go to church and have supper. After supper, I start feeling like I have been hit by a cement truck. I figure I'm just being paranoid and we drop the girls in their classes and we go to the final night of the annual marriage seminar. Well, I make it to just about the end when I push past Hubbs and race to the restroom and loose my supper. I'm thankful that I made it to the restroom.... Hubbs picks the girls up from class and brings us home. Where I promptly wish for death. Suffice it to say I didn't know the human body was capable of ejecting body fluids at such force before that night. Hubbs was awesome and didn't get sick cleaning up after me. Let's say that even an adult sometimes can't make it to the bathroom in time....

Hubbs called work on Wednesday night and traded shifts with the afternoon guy. He figured that since the girls were over their being sick within twelve hours (at least the ejecting of body fluids), he would spend the morning at home and then go to work and close. Well, that was the plan. I was up sick until three Thursday morning before I finally was able to sleep. He let me sleep all morning and then came in and informed me that he was starting to feel sick. He ended up having to go to bed, and I laid in the recliner with the girls with movies on. He called in sick. He was hit the hardest. He had to call in sick Friday too. He went back to work today.

The kids are perfectly fine now. You can't tell they had been sick. Hubbs and I are taking longer to recover though. Guess that is what happens when you get old, you don't bounce back as fast. It doesn't help that I normally don't get very sick very often (like every other year for this sort of stuff at the most), and when I do get hit, it is normally a doozy. I don't wish this virus on my worst enemy...

So, because we were all sick, the housework took a hit this week. It is our turn to host small group this week too, so I've been busy today. House is looking fit for company nearly. Not complete, but most of the rest of this can get done after church tomorrow. You know, like picking up the kids' room. Like it would have stayed neat if we did it today. I do need to dust yet tonight, put baking soda to sit on the carpet overnight (blessing of having a very old dog that smells like old dog again fifteen minutes after you give her a bath) and then the dishes from today and a wipe down of the stove and counter tops. I even got the intake to the furnace vacuumed today!

Then, this week I get word that my uncle is real sick, couldn't get the antibiotics to work for a few days in the hospital. Then, my grandma's PET scan came back questionable so she was sent for another one this week that was more in depth or something, and I still haven't heard back. Then, yesterday, my SIL is taken to the hospital with a blood clot in her leg. She was told by the ultrasound tech scanning to see if that is what was it was in the ER that it was the largest clot she had ever seen. She's in the hospital a few more days as they pump her full of IV Coumidin and shots of heprin and waiting for test results to see if it is the result of her birth control pills or genetic. I am so ready for this week to be over...

Hope your week was as uneventful as mine.

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