Monday, March 1, 2010

I Want a Banana

Yesterday morning, Bugs climbed into bed with us to wake us up. She was in a horrible mood. Just grouchy and whiny and frankly, it wasn't even close to time to get up yet. It was such a mood that if she were an adult, you would have found the fastest way to be shed of her company. Yes, it was that bad.

I get her to cuddle up next to me and we start to talk. We talk about getting up, that we are going to get to go to church in a few hours. We discuss why we go to church and what a privilege it is to be able to do so. It was a great talk, and she started to adjust her attitude. When winding down this teachable moment, I ask her if she can finish finding her "happy and cheerful spirit" to take to church with her. She turns, looks at me and says "I want a banana." I literally slap my forhead. Hubbs was lying next to me and just busts up laughing and says "and yet another teachable moment lost by the ADD of a three-year-old." I have no idea if she got anything out of it. We were having a fairly good give and take of conversation until that point.

I love being able to have these moments with the girls. I'm so thankful that I do. And I'm reminded how often God tries to teach us something, and we come back with "I want a banana?" How many lessons have we missed that God was trying to teach, all because we are so focused on ourselves? Probably more than we care to admit. More than I want to admit. Too many times we (I) fall into the trap of thinking of myself and not focusing on God and what He wants me to do and learn. Let's all work more on watching for those moments when God wants us to learn something this week. Be open and willing to listen. Sometimes the lessons are hard, and we don't want to learn them, but believe me, it makes it easier for you if you do. So, this week, let's be more teachable, shall we?


  1. I love it when my kids do something like that! She sounds like a cutie though!

    Sorry you guys had such a rough week last week. Been praying for you! Glad ya'll all seem to be on the mend now.

  2. Thanks for all the prayers, we sure needed/need them! And yes, we think the Bugs is very cute. But then, we are rather biased...


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