Sunday, March 21, 2010

Busy Mom's Bible Review and Contest Entry

It was nothing like what I expected. I opened the mailbox last Monday, and inside a small purple box was the Busy Mom's Bible. I was expecting a paperback copy with the picture of the mom and child laying in the grass that was shown on the website. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was an actual leather duo-tone in hot pink. I was elated. I had been thinking that I wanted a new Bible for a while. The one that got me through Bible college has been taped back together countless times, and the last time, I ended up using clear contact paper on it (it was a hardback Textbook bound Bible). However, I couldn't find a Bible that I liked. That was formatted in an easy to read and flip to manner for me. This Bible is as close to what I want as any I have ever seen. It has pages of small one to ten minute thoughts to read and then ponder about. In the back is a list of study topics and passages of where to go to get started on them, and it even gives you the page numbers to find them easier! However, my favorite part of this NIV Bible is the maps in the back. Not only are they the standard maps found in the backs of most Bibles, they also have markers on them telling where the events actually happened. In the map of Jesus' ministry, it shows where the Last Supper took place, where He was tried and where He was hung on the cross. It helps seeing where these events were located and how far from each other and in relation to other places in the area. The Bible isn't a thinline Bible, but it is small enough to be easily taken to church in my purse if need be with juggling two very young children. It the type font is in an easy to read size, unlike some other Bibles of the same size. This Bible is now my personal Bible. In fact, I'm thinking of asking that my husband gets my name embossed on it for Mother's Day.

I was given a copy of the Busy Mom's Bible by Zondervan to read and review. They are also giving away a personal assistant's service to one person who writes a review and posts it on their blog which will be awarded to a random entrant. All opinions are mine within this review.