Friday, March 19, 2010

Sorry it's been so long....again.

Sorry I haven't been on in so long. We have been battling colds, gone out of town, babysat for friends and been just busy. You know, the life of a mom stuff.

Thankfully my cold seems to be leaving finally, the girls have been fine for several days, today was the last day of babysitting for a few weeks and life can resume to it's semblance of normal. Well, as normal as it ever gets.

Tomorrow, in honor of the first day of spring, we are supposed to get a snow storm. Doesn't that sound like fun? Personally, not really. We got to play outside this afternoon in short sleeves. I liked that. Also, tomorrow, we are going to plant lollipop seeds. What we are doing is make dirt pudding (the only stuff the seeds will grow in ;) and "plant" the "seeds" (small hard candies). Then, the next morning, lollipops will be "growing" in the "special dirt." It is going to be great fun. You can only get this to work on the first day of spring (or, if you choose to do this, on the particular day or occasion that works for you...)

Then, Monday we are planning a trip over to Bass Pro to see the ducks in the store and then a trip down to Lambert's for lunch as a special treat with the girls before going to our favorite salvage/discount grocery store to do the monthly stock-up. Then on Tuesday, it is back to the daily grind of school and chores.

Oh, and I got to order my homeschooling curriculum for next year (a HUGE thank you goes to my MIL who gave us most of the cost for it) and it should be here on Tuesday (got to love the tracking numbers...). I can't wait. Though, I'll probably have to open it up after the Bugs goes to bed for the night. I can imagine her wanting to read everything right away. I'm going to do the language arts this summer with her as I also ordered her the Readers 1 package and the corresponding LA book for it (figured she's already learning to read and I don't want to bore her to tears with LA that she has already mastered).

And now for a simple housekeeping note. I have gotten some anonymous comments. For the sake of transparency, I chose not to publish them. If you can not sign your name (or identity) to a comment, then please don't leave one. If you are so ashamed of what you have to say, then don't say it please. One of those, play nice rules, if you will.

Excuse me for cutting this short. My husband has finally returned home from work.


  1. If you guys have a Bass Pro that close I might actually convince Paul to let us come visit! LOL
    Glad to hear Bugs is enjoying her school so much!

  2. Actually, I think it is the biggest Bass Pro shop, it is in the city they are headquartered in. In fact, they have a small shooting range in there to try out prospective gun purchases even. It's the only one we've been to, so I can't compare it to the others.


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