Friday, March 26, 2010

Company Coffee 3.26

It has sure been a crazy month or so around here.

We went to visit my MIL nearly two weeks ago. One of those, Hubbs is getting off work at a decent time on Saturday and we just needed to get away for a few days. I was cleaning the house the day before and I pivoted on my left foot and felt it pop and it was sore for the rest of the day. It was kind of stiff to start out the next morning, but it felt better so I thought nothing of it as I am always doing this sort of stuff to myself. Well, this past Monday, after a trip to the salvage grocery store and Lamberts (took the girls for the first time, they loved it.) Hubbs and I sat down to watch Where the Wild Things Are in our room for a date night thing and after the movie was over, I got up for a drink of water and my ankle hurt the second it touched the floor. I figured it would be fine, but the next day it was worse so I wore my old ankle brace. I finally get it checked out yesterday (Thursday) night as it wasn't feeling much better. Turns out, I must have started a tear in at least two ligaments two weeks ago and they finished themselves off on Monday. I'm in my moon boot indefinitely. I get to go back next Tuesday for it. Trust me, it isn't easy chasing kids around in one of those boots.

Our car decided to have issues too. We were told at first it was a crack in the manifold. However, it was so tiny they had to find it with a stethoscope. Being leery of the diagnosis, we took it to another shop and were told the same thing and the same price. Then, the vacuum house decided to break too. So, we take it in on Tuesday and they take it apart to fix, decide that the manifold is "salvageable" that the catalytic converter is egg shaped, a bunch of tubes are bent and the tube that hold the freon for the a/c is broken and rubbing on the serpentine belt and they had ordered the wrong sized of vacuum hose, so they put it all back together. We are going to have a friend look at it over Easter and see what he thinks, and if he can get us the parts from a junk yard, or possibly end up trading in the Focus and getting a minivan. Which, wold be more practical for us anyway. We do want more kids eventually, and we can't fit another car seat in the Focus. We'll see.

Hubbs applied for a job as a music minister in IL. Praying we get called for an interview in the next few weeks. We are getting so tired of retail. The crazy hours and days off are driving us all crazy. The girls never really know what days Daddy will be home consistently, if he goes in to work in the morning, or afternoon and all that. Having more stable hours will really help the family. I know the perfect place for us is out there, and in the right time, God will show us.

My MIL gave me the money to order my preschool curriculum for next year for Bugs. We got Sonlight Core P 4/5. It came in on Tuesday. I love it. We are starting the language arts with Bugs after Easter as I had also ordered the readers 1 and LA 1 for the school year. I'm keeping most of the stuff for the "official" start of school in the fall.

We got new sandals for the kids today. Fasted trip to shop for shoes for them ever. They both spotted something they liked right away and that was in their size. I was happy. However, the price wasn't happy. We spent thirty dollars on new sandals for both of the kids. I don't like spending that kind of money on shoes that will probably be outgrown before the end of summer. I don't spend that much money on shoes for me! They sure are cute though. Bugs chose some neon slip ons, and Beans got metallic flowers in nearly a gladiator style.

That's it for us. Just been crazy.


  1. Thanks for stopping by for "coffee" today. I sympathize with your car repair woes. We finally bought a minivan last summer with our tax refund. Our three kiddos did fit in the back of our other sedan, but just barely. Another dream I have is to live again without a car!

  2. Good luck on the call to Il...i will be praying for you guys! I know how difficult it is to wait in these situations...

    I will be praying for your car and your torn ligaments, that does not so great!

  3. Thanks for the comments and prayers. The foot is feeling some better today and I was actually able to flex it to nearly where I should be able to! Now to just get it to go side to side and then pointe right...I hate this boot!

  4. Haven't caught up with you on Cmoms yet this week...I saw you had posted again...just haven't gotten there...but I stopped to check my blogroll..and I'm assuming it's probably pretty similar post.
    That said - Big prayers for you guys! The car problems & foot - but especially the job situation. My hubby is in retail too. I so completely understand the whacky hours. He was scheduled off today, somebody else called in he is pulling a split shift. Working 8-noon and then 3 to close. I HATE it!

    Love ya gal!

  5. Thanks Superman's Lady. A split shift is worse than going in to open, the closer calling in sick and then having to stay until close. Did that one two weeks ago. And it was a Wednesday on top of it so I had nothing defrosted for supper (we eat at church on Weds.) It was worth it for a three hour shift that following Saturday though. Hubbs was actually home on a Saturday night (well, we went to my MIL's for the weekend, but still, he was with us!)


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