Friday, April 2, 2010

Company Coffee 4.2

I decided to write at least for company coffee every week. Otherwise, I forget and can go weeks without writing, and if I don't write, my husband says I get cranky :)

This week has been full of work. We are going to my MIL's for the weekend, so I've been cleaning and packing and kid wrangling. Every day they want to leave. It's been a fun lesson in delayed gratification and the days of the week for the three-year-old. We leave tonight after my husband is off work. I get to load the car and finish packing today. And it is raining here too.

My husband finally got me my own domain name! No longer do you have to type in Now you can just go to (sorry, I can't remember how to imbed links again, and well, you are already on this site anyway :)

My ankle is getting better. My chiropractor told me when I was in earlier this week that he doesn't understand how it didn't just break. He popped the thing back into place yet again (you know, when the tendon's and ligaments are stretched and ripped, the bones don't like to stay in place, especially if you are me and um, don't wear the boot like you should. Yes, I was a bad girl and went without it in the house a few times...and yes, I paid for it with pain.) Today, with everything, I'm just in my black brace (looks like an air cast). It's feeling much better, however, if I'm not driving or in the house right now I have to wear the boot. Unfamiliar terrain can do a lot of damage, and frankly, I don't want to go down that route.

This week we added some new members to the family. My husband was helping a friend move and they offered us their 40 gallon fish tank for only twenty-five dollars. Now, this is the tank, gravel, filter, heater, fake plants, a driftwood decoration, stand and six fancy goldfish! We have two black moors, a red capped orana (I think, it will have what looks like it's brains bubbling out when it is full grown) a calico goldfish and two algae eaters. This was a steal considering how much money is in the fish alone, let alone everything else. My husband and I have just been sitting in the living room watching them swim in the evenings. And the girls love them. Bugs named both the black moors Blackie. One is a bit bigger than the other so it is Big Blackie and Little Blackie. The calico is striped like a tiger, so his name is Tiger, and the red capped one is Lily. The algae eaters are William and Jefferson, don't ask.

It has been an insane week with family crises. My grandma's lung cancer had returned and they were getting ready to start radiation when she had to be hospitalized due to a reaction with her blood thinners and a starting to come down with pneumonia. Then, my sister had to have a ct scan as they thought they found a mass on her liver when doing a scan on her gall bladder. Grandma was released on Tuesday and they aren't sure they are going to be able to give her the radiation as they think she is too weak. So, hospice may end up involved sooner than we thought and wanted. My sister got her results back on the ct scan yesterday and was told her liver is fine, it just isn't assembled the same way everyone else's is. She is scheduled to have her gall bladder removed in May. She's only 28.

I have a ton of things to get done to be leaving this afternoon. Like finding the library books that need returned, finishing packing (not until the dryer is done though), bathing the dog and the kids, putting the weekend feeders in the fish tank, paying a few bills and generally keeping tabs on the bedlam. We are hoping to take the girls to the children's museum before coming home on Monday. They will have a blast. And friends of ours are having us over for an egg hunt this weekend too. I'm looking forward at getting away for a few days.

Keep safe, and please remember and focus on what this whole week has been about. The death, burial and resurrection of our Lord. May you have a blessed Resurrection Sunday and truly rejoice in the day that death died.


  1. Oh, my, I do hope you got it all together to leave this afternoon. My, what a busy lady you are! What a deal on the fish and tank. They are fun to watch, but are a lot of work. Easter Blessings to you and hope you had a wonderful getaway!

  2. Phu, I sure am not looking forward to my trip now with all the packing and everything. I hope you had a safe trip and I hope for the best for your grandma.


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