Friday, April 30, 2010

The passage of time and other ramblings

I can't believe that it is already the end of April. Let alone 2010. Seems like yesterday it was 2001.

Time sure has a way of not standing still. Seems like yesterday that I was a new bride, when in fact it is nearly five years ago that I was. And then suddenly, I was pregnant and now that child is three and a half! And her little sister is two!!!!!! Bugs is already half my height. Beans isn't too far behind. I'm going to end up being the shortest member of my family in a few years if they keep growing like this. I guess I don't mind being the shortest if they do get tall. Being taller than barely five one does have it's advantages.

You can tell it is spring here in SW Missouri. The wind started two days ago. It was so windy that I couldn't let the girls play outside because of our older trees. They like to shed limbs in strong winds and I couldn't chance them being outside and getting hit. The wind finally let up some this afternoon. Not too soon if you ask me. The noise of it kept me from sleeping the last two nights. I'm fairly useless today because of it. You wouldn't believe the chores I have lined up that I just don't have the mental capacity to complete at the moment. And it all needs done in six days.

We are going to my sister's graduation from mortuary school. We haven't made it out to my hometown in two years. Haven't seen my parents since we met half way for lunch a year ago last Christmas. We've not seen my sister and her husband since we were out there last. It is always weird to return to one's old home. The small town is not the same place I left nearly six years ago. Yet, in some ways it is still the same. We had trouble finding an appropriate gift for my sister's graduation. My husband ended up designing her a shirt that fits her personality. We hope she likes it.

My husband cooked a wonderful lunch for us before he left for work this afternoon. We had sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches on biscuits and hash browns. I like it when he cooks. Hubbs doesn't have a day off until Monday. He pulled a Sunday shift because of getting time off later in the week to go visit my family.

I'm looking forward to the trip. We are planning on taking a picnic lunch and stopping at some caverns on the way. That way the kids can have some run around time to break up the monotony of riding in the car. Trust me, three hours or so is all they can stand at a stretch. Which is how far it is to my MIL's home, and that is with stopping for ten minutes three times on the way. I'm not sure how we are going to handle the eight hour (I'm sure it will be closer to ten or more with the kids) drive. It will be quite the adventure. I'm planning on hitting up the dollar store Monday and getting some surprises to dole out on the trip.

My Mother's Day present should be arriving in the mail today. My husband let me order a new pre-tied bandana from Cover Your Hair The one I got is no longer listed, must have snagged the last one. It was a navy pre-tied bandana made out of terry cloth. I really like them as they keep my hair up out of the way. And I prefer wearing a covering on my head as a reminder that I am under the covering of my husband and God. I don't have my head covered all of the time. Nor do I do it for legalistic reasons. I don't believe that all women are called to cover their heads. I prefer to do it as the physical reminder for myself. The reminder that I am under God's and my husband's authority and that every decision I make will affect those who live in my home at the least.

Well, I just got a phone call from a friend and we are going to be going out later tonight to celebrate her son's birthday at Chuckee Cheese. I must go and get a shower and figure out what the girls are going to wear. Talk to you all later and have a blessed week.

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