Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yes, Winter is STILL Here

Woke up this morning to the sound of rain. I wasn't too excited over it as the temperatures are supposed to drop and freeze over here and then have freezing rain later today/tonight. This is south west Missouri. We haven't had weather like this in the eight years or so I've lived down here. In fact, we have had more winter weather this year than all the other years combined. I am starting to wish we could get called to minister in Hawaii. I am going crazy being in the house with the kids. They are going stir crazy too. I guess that after this storm system passes and the roads become passable again (takes a week, our town doesn't believe in plowing the residential streets and half the main roads) I'm going to have to bundle them up and take Hubbs to work and us girls go look at fish, walk the mall and be out.

The kiddos are down for naps right now. It was a long morning. Bugs woke up the Beans before her normal time to wake and neither has been in a great mood all day. In fact, they are both wanting to be held and snuggled, but they don't want to share mommy.

I'm hoping UPS delivers my order from today. I got two packages of toilet paper, shampoo for the kids, three packages of straws (at 40 cents each for those) and I had an impulse buy of some glade air freshner at 55 cents that I tacked on at the end. All told, spent just about eleven and a half bucks total and it is all delivered to my door. I love using for shopping for stuff we need at a very good price. And I don't have to take the kids to the store and juggle them and huge things in the cart, like toilet paper (which always gets sat upon, the rolls squashed, and then they don't fit on my roller well...). I figure due to the FTC, I should state that I was just sharing my experience, I wasn't asked to by anyone (nor was I compensated for it), but figured I should share something that helps me, makes my life easier and saves me money to boot. Figured I should cover my bases there with that one.

Tonight we are supposed to go to church. So I don't have to cook tonight. I love having a big meal together on Wednesday nights at church. It makes my life so much easier, and it is so much fun to eat with the church family. There is something special in sharing a meal with others. Tomorrow I'm making Manwich. I think I spelled that right. Growing up, mom always made our chilli burgers from scratch and we never got the stuff. She always said it was full of salt and didn't taste very good. Well, it was on sale and I had coupons so I got it very cheaply. I loved this stuff as a kid when I would have it at friends' houses. So, I'm going to make some. I just have to make a loaf of regular bread yet. I made some peanut butter bread earlier. Sure does make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches easier and a bit less messy.

I got Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons from my mother-in-law yesterday. From everyone I know who has used this book, I am so excited to start this with Bugs. She has been complaining that she doesn't know the words in books we've not read together. In fact, she will only look at books anymore that we have read so she can tell herself the story. Reading with mom or dad is fine if it is a book she hasn't "read" before (and it only takes one or two readings until she knows the story to tell it to herself). I plan on starting the lessons next week. I'm going through it first to get familiar with it. I taught reading using Abeka when I taught school and it works great. However, results happen faster with this program from what I've seen and most kids are reading well before the last lesson in the book. And I mean reading bigger books than those readers that a lot of kids find absolutely boring (My MIL was talking to a friend of hers whose 4 y.o. boy is reading in a preschool Bible after three months of lessons, which made her want me to teach Bugs with this method. She was pretty happy that I knew of the system and book, and had wanted it before then. She bought it for me and everything.) I think when Bugs starts the lessons, she is going to just absorb it and be reading in no time. I'll keep track of the progress on here. Hopefully to encourage you that yes, you can teach your child to read before mandatory attendance age. Frankly, kids can learn way more earlier than what most people think....but that is a topic for another time and another place.

I should get going and reading some in my book. I joined Book Sneeze through Thomas Nelson. You get free books in exchange for reviewing them on your blog and at least one retail site. I need to get reading so I can write the review and request a new book. I love to read, I love books, and who can beat free ones? And I need to go check on the munchkins. I think they both may have actually gone to sleep!!!!! If I didn't think it would wake them, I'd crank the music and do a happy dance.


  1. Can I have your peanut butter bread recipe? I can't eat PB anymore, but I think Munchkin would love it.

    I like that your church has a meal on Wednesdays. The church we've been going to has one, but you are required to pay for it. $5 a person. It's cheaper to just stay home.... :(

  2. Mandy, my recipe came with the breadmaker. Do you have one? If not, try googling it. Or check, I normally can find anything I want on that site.

    Our church has dinner by donation on Wednesday nights. If they charged, they would be classified as a restaurant and then be subject to the food prep laws (though we do have an awesome kitchen that I am sure would pass inspection). Each state is different in governing rules regarding eating, food prep and charging for it. Something to check into down there.


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