Friday, July 9, 2010

I Will be Moving

Just a head's up, we are about ready to move this blog to Word Press from Blogger. I can do more things with my blog on there and my absolutely terrific husband has been working diligently to make me a gorgeous new blog look (he finished my header last night and WOW!). I'll let you all know so you aren't left in the dust, and I will have Google Friend Connect on it along with a few other neat things (so you will have to go and refollow, I'm sorry for the inconvience). I figured since I was slated to be on the blog walk next week it should be Sunday (barring any complications with moving my posts over, when Hubbs did this to his blog, you wouldn't believe the headache). The domain name will be the same, so no need to worry about losing me that way.

Sorry for any trouble this may cause, but this move is for the good. Thanks for reading and following!

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