Monday, June 21, 2010

Unexpected Noticings

I love homeschooling. More than loving homeschooling, I love the way it has opened my eyes to be on the constant look out for a lesson in everyday life. The past two days have been terrific.

Last night we were all outside playing with the wading pools and hose. Under the outside faucet leaks a little bit and when Hubbs went to shut it off, he found a fairly good sized toad basking in the cool spray. We caught it and looked at it for a little bit and the girls thought that was the absolute coolest thing ever. They noticed how his skin was bumpy and rough and how God chose to color him so he would blend in with the grass to protect him from danger. After looking our fill, we put him back down and he let us watch him awhile longer before he started to hop off, presumably back to his home. It was so funny, Bugs would start to follow him and it seemed like he would wait for her to catch up a bit before going a bit farther himself. Riotous laughter ensued.

This morning, my husband was putting down a barrier of insecticide in the back yard (you wouldn't believe how bad the ants, fleas and other insects have been this year, it was a last attempt as I hate using chemicals anywhere near where the kids would be playing). He was using the lawn spreader and came across a box turtle out under the swing set. So, for the next few days, we have "Girly" living in my ten gallon aquarium on the dining room table. We went to the library and got a few books on turtles and fed it some salad and a strawberry. Bugs and Beans love sneaking over to peek inside to see if she has come out of her shell and has eaten anything or moved around. I don't intend to keep her more than a couple of days. We have never found a turtle in our yard before (there is an overgrown lot behind us, which is where we think it came from) and the girls have never been up close to one either (don't worry, rigid hygiene is being employed). I was wanting to use that tank for bull frog tadpoles so I know this isn't a permanent addition to the family (I hope...). The girls are learning about turtles first hand and are loving it.

We did also see a very small baby bunny last night. Bunnies come through our yard quite often. They are so cute and the girls love to watch them hippty-hop. That may be our next thing to study this summer.

I love how homeschooling has changed the way I think. I look for things to show the kids everywhere. I try and think up ways to make learning fun and incorporate the most I can into a small lesson. I have been more observant. I think that is what I appreciate the most. I see more. I notice more in nature that all testifies to the splendor of God, I notice people more now too. How they carry themselves, what they do. It speaks volumes. Noticing the little things is priceless. I am so glad we were open to this option for our lives. We as parents have learned so much more and have started to notice more already. If just this short period of homeschooling has changed us this much already, I can't wait to see what we will be like later into this. I'm so excited that the girls get to learn this first hand and will hopefully grow up noticing.

Even if you don't or can't choose to homeschool, please try to notice more. Cultivate keeping your eyes open. It is amazing what you will see that you will have otherwise missed.

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more! Since starting to homeschool everything is looked at from a, "what can we learn" angle!! God's world is so beautiful, wonderful and complex that the amount of learning experience come all the time...just gotta make ourselves take notice..."be still and know that I am God." Loving your blog and the title mini-crew mate!!


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