Sunday, June 13, 2010

A First for Mommy

This was supposed to have posted last evening, but due to some "technical issues" it wouldn't so I'm going to do it now.

Tonight I had a first as a mom. I left my kids. No, not for good, and in fact, I get to go and pick them up soon, but tonight was the first night of VBS. Both of the munchkins got to go, and for the first time in a long time, I'm not involved in anyway except that as of parent. Don't get me wrong, I have been separated from my wonderful kiddos before. I have left them overnight even, with my MIL last year for my and Hubbs' 4 year anniversary camping trip (yeah, we went camping for our anniversary, don't ask.) I have a friend who takes them for me periodically as a thank you for watching her kids. They do go to Bible hour during the sermon at church, their own Sunday School classes and Wednesday night classes. However, I am in the same vicinity as them. My husband has taken them out to give me some alone time, but that doesn't happen very often (frankly, at times not often enough if it is one of those weeks...)

This time, they were dropped off. My husband actually forced me out the door with him. A few of our wonderful elders were in the foyer and they said shoo, go and enjoy some time away.

It isn't like I'm not going to enjoy my time away, however, it was strange just leaving them like that in a large group. Bugs, I'm sure, is having a blast. Beans, I'm not too sure about. She doesn't like new things like that too well.

But, this is good. For all of us. They don't have to be attached to me all the time, and frankly, not having them here is nice. My house isn't quiet very often. Everytime I'm on the computer and they are awake, something always happens, it seems. Hubbs and I are planning on enjoying the rest of the week of this (only until Wednesday night). It is rare when we are without kids. However, tonight he is fixing a computer for some friends. Without the girls' help. Beans has to learn to adapt in different situations. Bugs, well, she came out and thought the world was her stage, so I'm sure she is going to be fine (I'm praying that she isn't being too dramatic, or trying to get in every picture they are taking of VBS....)A

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  1. Enjoy your time this week! Pray that it works as a blessing to all of you. Time alone with the growth in relationships and in the Lord. VBS is good on so many levels!



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