Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Should be Busy Right Now


So, in less than 48 hours we are leaving to go to visit my family. And instead of packing or cleaning, I'm on the computer. I actually am in a good place right now in all the activities for packing to leave for an extended period so I guess I can do this a bit.

We haven't been out to my parents' home in nearly two years. We are heading out because on Saturday my sister is graduating with a degree in Funeral Science. Yes, my sister after having been a cosmetologist, machinist, CNA and subsequent starting of school for LPN decided to become a funeral director. It isn't a job I would want, but someone has to do it, and if this is what she wants to do, that's great. She graduates on Saturday, Sunday is Mother's Day and then on Monday she is having her gall bladder removed (so, if you think of it, pray for her that day). Tuesday, Hubbs is coming back home to be a bachelor for a week while my sister, mom, the girls and I go up and visit my grandma in PA. My sister offered to rent a mini van and take us last week. I posted before about my grandma and her lung cancer returning. At this time, she is too weak to continue radiation so they put her in hospice care. This is more than likely the last time I will get to see her. Bugs met her when she was three months old. Beans has never met her. I'm glad we get to go, and it is low cost. Hubbs and I had been praying for a way for at least me getting to see her before she's gone. And to have my agnostic sister be the one to answer that prayer is mind boggling. We'll be back somewhere around the 17th. It depends on Hubb's time off from work that week. He is going to meet my sister and me halfway to get us back. I so look forward to getting some precious time with my favorite grandma. I haven't seen her since the Bug's first Christmas. So, if there isn't any new posts for about two weeks, don't worry, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.

I need to go write a book review and post it yet. I managed to finish my latest book from Book Sneeze. I love to read, and I rarely get to read newer books, so I joined the program. I believe this is my fifth or sixth book. Free books to read as long as you review them on your blog and a consumer site. Not a bad deal. If you want more info, just click the button in my side bar.

Well, must go write my book review and continue on with the laundry and I should feed the girls lunch. They must be in another growth spurt. They have been begging for food since they woke up this morning.

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